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Evan arnold

As Development Assistant, Evan provides administrative and fundraising support to the development department, including researching, tracking, creating reports for fundraising activities, and creating written and visual content for the organization’s print and digital communications.

I’m a conservation voter because enjoying Wisconsin’s beautiful natural places is a right we all share.


Kate beaton

As the Western Organizer, Kate works with volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in the community to draw attention to important conservation issues in and around western Wisconsin.

I am a conservation voter because every day we don’t act is another day climate change continues to worsen.

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Ryan Billingham

As Communications Director, Ryan works closely with our Executive Director and staff to manage, plan, and lead external and internal communications strategies, including digital programs, media content, and member communications.

I’m a conservation voter because future generations of Wisconsinites are depending on me.


Jennifer Giegerich

As the Government Affairs Director, Jennifer leads the work inside the Capitol to pass and defend pro-conservation policy, no matter the political make-up of the legislature or the governor’s office.

I’m a conservation voter because I grew up playing outside and enjoying Wisconsin. I want to make sure that my family and all future generations of Wisconsin’s kids have that same experience.


Natalie Harburn

As Operations Director, Natalie oversees human resources, internal systems, bookkeeping, and financial management and planning.

I’m a conservation voter because clean air and water and wild outdoor spaces should be considered basic rights available to all, no matter your economic or social status.


Casey Hicks

As the Northeast Organizer, Casey works with volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in the community to draw attention to important conservation issues in and around northeast Wisconsin.

I’m a conservation voter because Wisconsin has a rich history of the outdoors, and everyone deserves the chance to take part in enjoying the same environmental quality as generations in the past.

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Seth Hoffmeister

As Field Director, Seth leads our team of field organizers to expand the voice of conservation voters throughout Wisconsin. Seth works with the entire field team to develop and implement strategies that recruit new conservation voters, develop leaders, and engage activists on top conservation issues.

I’m a conservation voter because if we wish to pass on a healthy and habitable planet to future generations tomorrow, we need to act to protect it today.



As the Southeast Organizer, Ariana works with volunteers, activists, and partner organizations in the community to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions that they make regarding our natural resources and works to draw attention to important conservation issues in and around southeast Wisconsin.

I'm a conservation voter because I believe the world is a sacred and holy place. We must be active protectors and stewards of our natural lands because we are borrowing this space and time from the generations to come.


Kerry Schumann

As Executive Director, Kerry’s focus is developing top-notch staff, building an effective Board of Directors, working directly with our supporters, and helping the entire team stay focused on the mission and vision of Wisconsin Conservation Voices.

I’m a conservation voter because I believe it is unconscionable that every person in Wisconsin doesn’t have safe drinking water and clean air, and because I am constantly amazed at our natural world, whether it is as small as an emerging monarch or as big as Lake Superior.


Denise Sweet

As First Nations Organizer, Dee works with tribal leaders, activists, and partners to bring the voice of First Nations communities into Wisconsin Conservation Voters campaigns, and to develop environmental leaders and connect northern communities with policy-making in the State Capitol. She also works to engage Native Americans in the electoral process through our sister organization’s nonpartisan Native Vote program.

I'm a conservation voter because I am Anishinaabe (Ojibwe, White Earth) and am responsible not only for my own quality of life and well-being, but for that of all living beings of this Earth, both animate and inanimate. This is a sacred covenant for Indigenous people, and we cannot rise above it nor turn our backs on it without consequence. The old people left behind a simple legacy for us to uphold: to protect and sustain this Earth so that She may continue to provide her gifts to make all life possible – especially for those yet to be born. That is real to me. 



As Engagement and Development Manager, Angelito works with donors, board members, VIPs, and community members in the Milwaukee area to raise awareness and support for Wisconsin Conservation Voices’ campaigns.

I’m a conservation voter because we have a duty to protect our air, water, and land. I believe in sharing Wisconsin’s natural beauty with all people.


Angela West Blank

As Director of Strategic Development, Angela makes sure we have the support needed to effectively protect Wisconsin’s air, water, and land. She oversees a comprehensive fundraising plan and strategy, including major donor cultivation, membership recruitment and retention, board and staff fundraising and training, direct mail appeals, e-fundraising, special events, and planned giving.

I’m a conservation voter because our families have a right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and enjoy Wisconsin’s beautiful natural spaces.